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„Music for the future 2.0“ (Zukunftsmusik 2.0) is a weekly workshop in which youngsters between 10 - 18 are encouraged to express their visions and wishes for the future with the help of music.  By experimenting with electronic and acoustic instruments, and learning fundamental concepts of music production, participants will create the sound of their future.

Parallel to the music aspect of these weekly workshops, we are designing and building a mobile studio that can act as a portable stage to showcase the music made by the workshop’s participants.   This “electro-mobile studio” will aallow the workshops to go wherever the youngsters go, adapt to their interests, provoke curiosity, and spontaneously play music and make recordings. The electro-mobile studio is also be expanding as an ideal “object of the future”, where music can be produced sustainably with self-generated energy through electricity-generating bikes and or solar panels.

For this project Young Arts Neukölln e.V., Artistania e.V. , Amaro Foro e.V. and Nena e.V.  provide space, time, tools, and expertise for the youngsters to discover the different possibilities of music.  Lessons and help with song writing, lyrics/ music and the technical aspects of music productions and electronic instruments (beat making, recording, DJ-ing) is provided according to the youngsters interests. We create songs, sounds, beats and other sonic adventures with the end goal of a performance and release of the music we have produced.   

Along this musical and creative journey there will be guest speakers/lectures, field trips, food...and oh so much fun!

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Über das Team

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Fionna Kelly

She studied English and German Linguistics and Literature, with a Master thesis on ryhthm in Theatre at the University of Antwerp (Be) .

The musicality of Language and the language of Music has been one of the basic themes in her academic work. She started exploring the theme of rhythm through many travels and formations in performative arts.

Her works vary from social-cultural projects to solo improvisation performances on stage or intervening in the public area.

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Paula Schopf

Paula Schopf (aka Chica Paula, b. Santiago de Chile) is a musician, sound artist and cultural provocateur who has been an empowering and outspoken voice in Berlin’s thriving creative community for the last 20 years.

Since her first music productions, Paula Schopf has worked with electronic sounds, utilizing soundscapes and field recordings as aesthetic and compositional source material. 
In recent years her practice has centered increasingly around sound research. The detailed examination of sound in urban spaces and its inherent social, historical and political realities has become her main interest.

In 2017 She obtaines her MA in Sound Studies at the Berlin University of the Arts in Germany.



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